Being Denied For Medical Insurance Coverage

Being rejected for health insurance can seem to be just like a horrible thing. However, it’s not the conclusion with the road and there is also possibilities. It is possible to carefully research various companies of curiosity for your requirements, and then try to get the most affordable plan that best fits your quality of life care needs, and don’t accept anything less. Keep a clear head and confident, and don’t give up until you’re completely satisfied with your choice.

First, try to determine the reason why you have been denied medical insurance; it is valuable information. One likely reason will be a condition that already exists. Put simply, many health insurance companies will not accept someone who already has a preexisting medical problem. In the event you will no longer work and your COBRA is non-existent, the insurance policy may say that you no longer qualify for the identical plan. Make sure to inquire with all the representative at the insurance provider and find out the reasons you haven’t been accepted, and certify which you completely understand their response.


Second, consider visiting your local department of social services and apply for state run medical insurance, such as Medicaid. Keep in mind that the requirements might be slightly different in each state. As a rule, if you have a low income level, have children or are pregnant, receive adoption or foster care help, don’t have many assets, or qualify for Supplemental Security Income, you may get Medicaid coverage. For those who have any doubts with regards to your eligibility, apply.

Third, find an insurance coverage broker which is an independent. To acquire quotes, it is possible to visit and execute a quick search. There are many other sites out there that can help point you inside the right direction. However, it’s advisable to talk to an unbiased agent if you’ve been previously denied.

Fourth, think about calling various insurance firms directly, and question personal medical health insurance. Try to look for companies that you’re already knowledgeable about or have a business relationship with. Never hesitate to inquire about questions, although you may have to turn to your bank for medical health insurance inquiries. You may be amazed.

Fifth, discuss your dilemma with friends and family to see if they have any ideas what to do. If the spouse is insured, determine if you’re able to be contributed to his / her plan.

And, like a final option, consider employing a lawyer. The cost of the lawyer won’t even come close to any future out-of-pocket health care costs, so that it could be well worth your time and energy to achieve this. Consider a free consultation either about the phone or perhaps person, because this provides you with an opportunity to discuss your case.

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